NavnixPro 2020

   Navnix Pro 2020 software is the next installment of the program for renting construction and gardening machines, trailers and scaffoldings. New solutions allow for even more efficient operation in the field of equipment rental and return as well as facilities such as invoicing, billing, customer records and much more. In the demo version you can use all the features of the full version of the program, while it is limited to 30 days.


We invite you to test the program in the version demonstration.


The most important functions of the program


- downloading data from the Central Statistical Office

- the camera can automatically capture the face and record the customer's image

- invoicing (new invoice, history, corrections) and their direct printout with own logo and BDO number or saving in PDF format

- issuing receipts (system compatible with the Thermal protocol)

- records of serviced devices

- administrative panel (creating a new one, editing and deleting employee access and adding appropriate permissions to the program) - required by the GDPR

- price list printout

- reservations (also between branches)

- automatic saving of customer continuous photos (additional function for customer control)

- control of equipment operating costs

- settlement of additional rental costs

- automatic verification of the customer's identity (the correctness of the PESEL number, tax identification number, city and other)

- preview of rented equipment (also between branches)

- automatic checking of debtors (the ability to have your own database or access to the nationwide database of debtors and exchange them with all users of the NavnixPro program in Poland) - in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR and the law on the processing of personal data

- editing the rental agreement and the ability to print additional attachments

- the ability to add customer reviews / information

- preview of the equipment to be returned

- preview of damaged equipment

- automatic saving of a database backup, optionally to a local disk (e.g. C, USB, etc.) or to your own server

- location of the branch where the selected machine was last rented  

- edition of the transport service

- camera settings

- logging out the user from the program after a specified time (in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR)

- adding, editing, removing equipment and their records

- notifications about upcoming machine inspection

- statistics (number of loans, reports, equipment operation, customer records, etc.)

- automatic program update to the latest version

- training in using the program (free)

- many other

- see screenshots >>>


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